Comparing online bingo to land based bingo

The rapid growth of technology and internet has brought a lot of changes to our lives. Now almost everything can be done on one’s laptop and mobile phones, whether it is buying groceries or making new friends. So, how could bingo possibly stay away from the virtual world?

Bingo, the English game of luck, has not only made space on the internet, but also has become a huge hit across the globe. Let’s see the major reasons behind its growing popularity.


1. Comfort: Initially bingo was played in community halls, at churches or at other social gatherings. So, one had to get dressed and physically get till the venue. This can be a bit taxing, especially due to bad weather conditions or if you had a busy day at work. However, with online bingo, you don’t have to take a step out of your house, you can just log on to an online bingo site and get started.

2. Unlimited Entertainment: online bingo is available at all times. You can start playing whenever you desire. In land based casinos however, you were required to wait until the game is played on a particular day and this in turn could take weeks or even a month! Even more so, the payouts here are much lesser as compared to the payouts with online bingo.

3. More options: Players now have the option of playing multiple number of games at one time. On New Look Bingo you have several bingo rooms with different variants of bingo games and a whole load of slot and casino games as well. These high quality games are powered by Microgaming and Eyecon which are well reputed software providers in the gaming industry.

4. To socialize: With online bingo you can meet like minded people from all over the world and become friends. Moreover, you can chat while you are playing. It’s easy to start up chats and everyone has a common interest in the game.

5. Win amazing rewards: People who play bingo online, have excellent chances of winning cash prizes, gift vouchers, extra bonuses and more. It’s not just about the jackpots. Online bingo sites such as New Look Bingo give you massive bonus offers, cash back offers, free tickets and many other such freebies. Players who register on the site get a free sign up bonus of £5 without having to make any initial deposit.

So try online bingo, if you still haven’t already. It will definitely be worth giving a shot.

Basic bingo rules and tips

There are some gambling games which can be played without the use of any technology and special equipments. These games are much easier to be played and one can gain same sort of results which can be obtained by him by playing any other gambling game. Bingo is also one of the easiest and simplest gambling games which have been played in different parts of world. This game is mostly played in US and United Kingdom. There are two special versions of bingo which are correspondents of these two countries. Bingo is also played on the web and both of these versions are easily available on the web so that there will be no confusions in playing any type of bingo.

Free bingo sites have been growing in popularity as the interest of online gambling has risen. The UK bingo versions consist of ninety balls or numbers. There are some special tickets available for the players which have to be bought so that they can be marked on each call. There are many players involved in this game and all have to buy the bingo tickets. These tickets are primarily based on cards which include some numbers of sets of numbers. These tickets are specially designed for bingo and they have a very unique format of numbers. There are different columns on the tickets which are showing some specific numbers. These numbers are showing some special arrangements which can be changed in any other case.

These numbers have been called and a special caller will be calling those numbers. If one have those numbers in the tickets then he need to mark those tickets to form a special or unique combination. This combination can be in the form of some special sets. These sets will show the range and probability of winning a particular bingo game. Caller will call different numbers on random basis and there will be no specific sequence of calling numbers. This game was introduced in 1929 and it has been regular played all over the world by many people. This game has two versions which are not much different from each other. The total strength of numbers on the tickets is not similar. Latest bingo has been much changed and it is not the same as if it was before in the introduction.

Bingo board includes some specific chips which have to be set on the card or on the ticket. The highest value which can be obtained in a bingo game is 19. This is the highest value which can be obtained and one has to shout out load so that he can tell other about his board completion. The primary word which has been used on winning a particular bingo game is” Bingo”. Both versions of bingo are amazingly perfect and they can be some real fun for the players as well. US version bingo is a little complicated but if you have learned all the basic strategies then it will be really easy for you to play the game. One can easily play and win bingo with a little basic bingo information and knowledge.

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Fun, thrill, pleasure and excitement call all be related to bingo games. Bingo halls had been a source of much enjoyment to many of you for years together. We are sure you look back at those days with nostalgia. Drinking, smoking, chatting meeting new friends, falling in love etc. all that happened in those halls. But over the years the bingo halls lost their charm as technology picked up and online bingo sites became a rage. The bingo sites offered what is known as bonuses, huge number of loyalty points and various kinds of jackpots which were all missing in the bingo halls. Also the option of chatting with people were manifold in online bingo than it was in offline bingo. Lastly online bingo became popular because people got the joy of playing from the comfort of their homes.

There are hundreds of bingo sites in the industry and we know the pain that each one of you go through everyday to find out one bingo site which would match your needs perfectly well. It’s here that we come into the picture, as we are always researching about the online bingo sites and we know the latest story of the bingo industry. What’s on and what’s not so on! There’s one site which has currently been revamped and it looks simply stunning. GameVillage Bingo it is which uses purple, pink and white now and has also moved to the Cozy Games software. However, this move has not changed the site’s USP and all their unique games and promotional offers has been retained.

Bingo Play

The new games that you must try in here are Five Pirates, Tutti Frutti, King Arthur and Kitten Ball. Also they have amazing free bingo offering and we say you must try their popular games like – Village Inn, Power Bingo, Speed Bingo and Elimination Bingo. Game Village Bingo offers 80 ball and 90 ball bingo and the current one to be added is 80 ball bingo. Then there are a huge variety of slot games which include slot games, casino games, freebets and scratch card games. Read More …

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Bingo is a fun game, but a lot of people don’t give it a chance. They think that only old people really like bingo, but that’s not the case anymore. It used to be a time where senior citizens were the top bingo players, but this dynamic has shifted over to a much younger crowd. Young people like a day of just playing bingo because they don’t have to really think about any type of strategy. They can just enjoy the day as it plays out, whether they win or lose.

There’s also a different sense of community when it comes to bingo. It’s not about winning so much as it’s about someone else winning and having a good time. It’s going to be up to you to make sure that you are definitely getting the full experience.

If you are struggling to do that, you might want to check out Wink Bingo. This is a bingo site truly devoted to nothing but bingo. Sure, there are some instant win games you can play while you’re waiting for your bingo game, but bingo is truly the star of the show here.

The bonuses are a great fit for anyone looking for a bingo site. There’s something fun about knowing if you deposit money the casino is actually going to reward you rather than just taking it for granted. A casino site without a welcome bonus is very strange, because it sends the message that the casino doesn’t care about the patron’s pleasure. That’s not the case with Wink Bingo at all, so you’re in for a good time.

There are also a lot of contests and sweepstakes going on — you’re going to be able to have chances to win big.

Did we mention community? Community is everything in the world of bingo — you’re going to be able to get the opportunity to make lots of new friends. Chatting about everything and anything you could think of is part of the experience.

Playing bingo is something that you have to do at least once or twice before it really sinks in. Some people will find that they just don’t get it until they’ve played over the course of a weekend. Then they truly feel that they have found something good that they can turn to over and over again — make sure that you check out Wink Bingo. You definitely will be glad that you did!